What is the Push Forward Club?

Here at Future Training Collective, we see everybody as an athlete and we strive to push forward with you in all the ways that you train. Our club members are:

  • Goal-oriented athletes dedicated to pushing boundaries in their sport
  • Certified trainers and fitness professionals focused on motivating their clients and followers in new and innovative ways
  • Passionate leaders in the fitness community who love to sweat and want to make a positive impact both online and offline

Push Forward Club Members

Members of the club are our partners in driving the brand's outreach and community presence. Our goal is to support our members and athletes on their training journeys. We commit to supporting through: 

  • Exclusive access to our products 
  • A personal 20% discount code for you and 10% discount code for your followers
  • Earn commissions on sales made with your network code
  • Opportunities to be featured on our website, social, and marketing campaigns
  • Access to the Push Forward community of like-minded athletes and trainers who are striving to push forward together

How our members make an impact for Future Training Collective

We look to our members and athletes to be our biggest advocates and spokespeople. This partnership is crucial to the growth of the community and we ask that our members:


  • Share our brand and story both online and offline in their communities
  • Post on social to show off your Future Training Collective gear in action as you train
  • Test new product and provide crucial design and functional feedback to ensure that we continue to create products that work with all bodies for all training
  • Show off their Future Training Collective apparel/product in competitions, races, or group classes 

Want to join?

We are continually looking to build our team to push forward with us. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you would be a good fit. Things to include- Who you are, how you train, where you coach or train, your chosen sport of competition, ect.

Please also include any certifications you may hold and your social media handle where we can checkout your hard work. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.